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Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital | Mobile Services | Charleston, SC

Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital is equipped to bring the clinic to you! With the addition of our mobile unit in May of 2019, you can experience the comfort and convenience of at-home care.

Our goal is always to make scheduling procedures and wellness visits as convenient as possible. Whether your pet is young or old, our mobile unit opens up many opportunities for you to easily get the same quality care for your pet that you are used to at our West Ashley location.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following mobile services.

Hospice House Calls

We have an active hospice program to help care for your aged or weakening pet in your own home. Learn more about our hospice care services.

Sick Pet House Calls

This allows pets to remain comfortable in their home, as well as reduces the risk of exposure to other sick animals.

Behavioral Assessments & Training Tips

We can come see your pet in its home environment, which is incredibly important and a great way to help a puppy become a well rounded adult.

Pet Transportation

We can transport your pet to and from our hospital for surgeries or emergencies, if you are unavailable.

Charitable Purposes

The Bees Ferry staff loves to get involved in charitable causes! We plan to use our mobile unit for Happy’s Porch transports and to be onsite at local events raising money for organizations close to our heart.

Therapeutic Laser Treatments

Our laser treatments are great therapy for pain management at our hospital, and we can bring this same help to your pet in the comfort of your home.

In-Home Euthanasia

This experience is such an emotional time, and many find great comfort being surrounded by their loved ones in their own home.

Mobile Unit for At-Home Pet Care in Charleston, SC | Bees Ferry
Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital | Mobile Services | Charleston, SC

Contact us to learn how Bees Ferry’s convenient mobile services can help you.