Hospice Care for Pets

Living with an elderly or chronically ill animal brings an entirely new set of stresses, concerns and responsibility; however, experience has shown us that it is often surprisingly rewarding for pet owners. At Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital, we have an active hospice program to help care for your aged or weakening pet in your own home. Palliative care (including pain control, nausea control, fluids and special foods) can be administered by our mobile staff.

Our team’s goal is to improve quality of life, enhance the bond with your pet and teach you ways to interpret your pets signals that it may be time to say goodbye. When that time comes, euthanasia can be performed at your home. We provide after death care through Faithful Forever Pet Loss Care.


Diagnostic and Blood-work Services

Traditionally hospice care does not include any diagnostic or blood-work services. However these services can be added to a hospice program at Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital if:

  • The family and our team agree that more information can help with adjustments to medications

  • We agree that more information is needed to better manage your beloved pet's condition

  • The family would like help understanding the scope of the disease process

Euthanasia versus Natural Death

Hospice can end in assisted death (euthanasia) or unassisted death (natural death). Every family and every pet make it through this transition in their own way. There is no one way or right answer when it comes to helping your pet die with dignity, comfort and love.

Our veterinary team can help you understand what your pet might be feeling, but ultimately it is up to the family to decide if it is time for euthanasia. Once your pet has entered hospice, we will honor and support any decision you make while providing you with information about what to expect. 

Learn More About Hospice Care for Your Pet

Your pet's initial hospice exam can be in your home or in our office in West Ashley. We will assess your pet's quality of life and design a plan to help you care for your pet, control conditions like pain and nausea and recognize changes in his or her condition. Contact us to learn more about our hospice care program and related costs.