Pet Wellness Services

Comforting a Patient | Bees Ferry Vet

Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital is equipped to offer comprehensive care and support throughout the life of your pet. We cater to dogs and cats, but we have experience treating a variety of other animals—pocket pets, some reptiles and even chickens! As a drop-off point for Keeper of the Wild, we are also equipped to accept injured wildlife. Please call 843.769.6784 for more information.

We hope that our extended hours (7:00am - 8:00pm Monday - Friday and 7:00am - 1:00pm on Saturdays) will make scheduling procedures and wellness visits as convenient as possible. Morning drop-off and evening pick-up are also available. Please inquire for details.

Morning drop-off and evening pick-up may make scheduling appointments easier. Please inquire about patient admission and discharge options when scheduling your appointment.

Preventative Veterinary Care

  • Vaccinations – Not every pet needs every vaccination. Let us assess your lifestyle and your pet's environment to determine which vaccinations are appropriate.
  • Microchipping – Dog and cat microchipping is a simple procedure. We inject a HomeAgain microchip for pets, about the size of a grain of rice, beneath the surface of your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to a routine shot, and your pet will not react any more than he would to a vaccination. No anesthetic is required.
  • Flea, Tick & Heartworm Prevention
  • Heartworm Treatment
  • Internal Parasite Control

Pet Dentistry & Oral Care

  • Oral Exams & Cleanings – Oral exams and cleanings can prevent dental disease and symptoms such as bad breath, oral discomfort and tooth loss. Good oral hygiene may also prevent changes in the kidney, liver and heart that correlate with severe dental disease. We provide comprehensive dental care and work with pet owners to establish teeth cleaning regimens at home. 
  • Digital Dental Radiography – Dental disease is the most common disease affecting canine and feline patients. 60% of cases occur below the gum line. We utilize dental radiographs to identify lesions and failing teeth. 
  • Extractions – We are equipped to handle tooth extractions, even those that require bone grafts. Should your pet need a root-canal or crown, we will bring in a veterinary dentist to handle that procedure.  

Advanced Diagnostic Services

Pet Dental X-Rays & Treatment
  • Blood Chemistry Profiling – Blood chemistry tests help us to assess your pet’s overall health. We recommend these tests for healthy pets, sick pets and prior to surgery (pre-anesthetic). As well as utilizing laboratories for this sort of analysis, we also have an in-house blood chemistry analyzer that can provide extremely useful information about major organ systems in a matter of minutes.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring – Pet blood pressure can be altered by conditions like chronic renal failure, Cushing’s disease, certain adrenal tumors and heart disease. Therefore, blood pressure monitoring is a standard practice among accredited animal hospitals, but it is not available at every veterinary clinic.
  • Glaucoma Testing – It is crucial to catch glaucoma early and categorize it accurately. If a pet is already experiencing vision loss, it may be too late to correct.
  • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring – Just as human hospitals monitor oxygen saturation in critical and anesthetized patients, we do the same using equipment adapted for animals.
  • Electrocardiograms – ECGs are standard for all of our anesthetized pets as well as those with heart problems. When necessary, these can be interpreted by board certified veterinary cardiologists using telemedicine.
  • Digital X-rays – Our digital radiography system allows us to quickly obtain radiographs and have them interpreted by board certified veterinary radiologists using telemedicine.
  • Allergy Testing – Allergies are a common affliction in pets. We can use blood tests and food trials to help determine the cause of your pet’s allergies.
  • Cytologic Interpretations – Fine needle aspirates and impression smears of skin or ear exudates are quick ways for our staff to determine the cause of lumps or if infections are present.
  • Ultrasonography – Ultrasounds are an advanced method of imaging hearts and other internal organs. Doctors Hardymon and Saenger are trained and experienced in the use of our high-tech equipment.

Counseling Services

  • Pet adoption/selection 
  • Weight loss and nutrition
  • Behavior 

Treatment & Rehabilitation

Medical Care for Aging Pets | Bees Ferry Vet

End-of-Life Care

We offer end-of-life care that is not unlike human hospice care. In traditional hospice care, all treatments (aside from pain killers) cease, allowing the patient to pass. Our terminally ill patients receive slightly different care. We continue giving your pet comfort-focused treatments, allowing you, the pet owner, an opportunity to make decisions on your own terms. When and if euthanasia is chosen, this can be performed in one of our quiet rooms, in our memorial garden or even in your home.*

*Restrictions may apply. Please contact our office for more information.