Charleston’s Largest AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital

Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital | West Ashley | Charleston, SC

Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital has been serving Charleston area pet owners since 1993. We began with two vets and a small office in a strip mall shopping center... Today, we are one of Charleston’s most advanced animal care facilities. With six practicing doctors and an extensive support staff, we are the largest facility in Charleston to be accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), and we are the only locally-owned and operated, AAHA-accredited vet clinic West of the Ashley. Our AAHA accreditation signifies a commitment to excellence and verifies that we possess the staff, facilities, equipment and training needed to deliver high-quality veterinary care.  

Integrated Approach

We want your pet’s medical care to be as effective, minimally invasive and convenient as it can possibly be. Our integrated approach to veterinary care—an approach that is characterized by individual consideration, professional collaboration and open communication—helps us to fulfill those objectives. 

Individual Consideration

All of our patients are treated as individuals, because no two pets (or pet owners) are alike. We offer a broad spectrum of medical services and can integrate traditional veterinary practices with holistic treatment when it is in the best interest of the patient.

Professional Collaboration

Our team is large, diversely skilled and committed to working together. Patient diagnosis and treatment is a product of collaboration and generally reflects multiple opinions. 

Bees Ferry Veterinary Team | Charleston, SC

Open Communication & Transparency

We want pet owners to understand what we are recommending and why we are recommending it, so that they can make informed decisions. We want to foster honest relationships to provide the best possible care and customer service. Whatever the challenge may be—bringing in an anxious pet, administering medication at home or fitting preventative care into a busy schedule—let’s work together to find a solution. 


Please take a moment to learn more about our general wellness services, holistic treatment options and compassionate team.


State-of-the-Art Facility

Bees Ferry Vet | Hospital Floor Plan | Charleston, SC

1. Reception Area
2. Reception Desk
3. Dog Waiting Area
4. Cat Waiting Area
5. Weigh-in Station
6. Restroom
7. Exam Room Four
8. Exam Room Three
9. Dispensary
10. Technolgy Center

11. Cat Exam Room
12. Holistic/Consulting Room
13. Lab
14. Employee Break Room
15. Isolation Ward
16. Dental Treatment Area
17. Treatment Area
18. Intensive Care
19. Surgery Prep Area
20. Digital Xray

21. Surgery
22. Restroom
23. Boarding Area
24. Bathing Area
25. Boarding Exit/Entrance
26. Boarding Treatment Area
27. Vestibule
28. Laser Treatment Room
29. Ultrasound Room

Bees Ferry Vet | Pet Dental Treatment Area
Bees Ferry Vet | Surgical Suite
Bees Ferry Vet | Cat Friendly Exam Room