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Cat Vet Visits Are Needed & Don’t Have to Be Stressful

November 13, 2019

People love a cat's independent nature and their self-sufficiency which is probably why there are more pet cats in US households than pet dogs.

While cats are pretty low maintenance when it comes to walking and feeding schedules, their medical needs are actually very similar to the care that dogs need. So, why is it that cats are taken to the vet far less often than dogs?

Reasons People Don't Take Their Cats to the Vet

Cat lovers aren't bad pet parents. There are valid reasons that people don't take their cats to the veterinarian often.

As a Cat Friendly Practice®, the BFVH team members are trained to understand the unique needs and behaviors of cats. Contact us to learn more.

Cats Instinctively Hide Their Illnesses: As small predators, cats instinctively hide their illnesses to avoid becoming dinner for a bigger predator. Cats may only display very subtle signs that they aren't feeling well, and these are often overlooked by well-meaning owners.

Vet Visits Can Be Stressful: Felines are naturally resistant to the experience of going to the vet which can be very stressful for the cat and pet parent alike. People simply want to avoid the hassle of trying to get their cat into a carrier and the ordeal that is associated with a vet visit.

Owners Don't Focus on Preventative Care: A recent survey revealed that two-thirds of owners don't even take their cat to the vet every year. Many cat parents simply don't realize that cats are at risk of many of the same health conditions as dogs and that preventative care is key.

Common Cat Health Conditions

When veterinarians do see cats, we are often faced with advanced problems that are more costly and difficult to treat. A pound of prevention really is worth an ounce of cure. Proactive care can help your cat avoid the following common medical conditions…

  • Kidney disease

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Thyroid problems

  • Parasite & flea infestations

  • Heartworms

  • Dental disease

A full physical examination done annually by a veterinarian is probably the most important thing a pet owner can do for their beloved feline. This exam can often spot early issues before they turn into big, expensive problems. Additionally, it is important that a veterinarian customizes a vaccination protocol for your cat's unique lifestyle. Standardized vaccination protocols that annually vaccinate every cat for every disease can result in adverse reactions.

Cat Vet Visits Don't Have to Be Stressful

As a Cat-Friendly Practice®, Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital has taken extra steps to reduce stress and make visits easier for cats and their owners. When your cat is a patient at BFVH, we provide…

  • Feline-Specific Tips: We can teach you how to get your cat comfortable with the carrier before the visit. We can also advise you on how to transport your cat to our office in a way to reduce the stress associated with the visit for both you and your cat.

  • Gentle Handling: We use a "less is more" approach when examining your cat. We don't use heavy restraint since it could frighten, stress, or arouse your cat. Your cat's check-up will take place wherever your cat is most comfortable.

  • Mobile Services: If you want the least stressful vet visit for your cat, take advantage of our mobile services. Our feline-friendly staff will come to you for annual exams, vaccinations, sick visits, and grooming. At-home examinations are great for families with multiple pets. If needed, we also provide hospice care.

Schedule an Exam for Your Cat

Our feline-trained staff members are passionate about cat wellness. We encourage you to schedule an exam for your cat as soon as possible so that you can have a clear picture of your cat's medical needs. We will take the stress out of the visit and create a custom care plan to keep your furry friend healthy for years to come. Simply contact our office to schedule your visit.

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