Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Active

Can your cat be a bit of a couch potato? Indoor cats need physical activity to keep them happy and healthy; otherwise, they tend to become overweight and depressed due to inactivity and boredom. It may be time to give your feline friend a lifestyle makeover, and we have some great tips to help!

  • Toys: Look for toys that will stimulate both your cat’s physical and mental needs. Cats love chasing a catnip mouse toy, swatting a feather teaser or playing hide-and-seek in a crinkle tunnel.

  • Towers or perches: Place a cat tower or perch to satisfy your cat’s need for stimulation. Cats love to climb up high and investigate their surroundings.

  • Scratching posts: Adding a scratching post will also improve your cat’s well-being. Cats use posts for stretching, exercising and to maintain their claws. As a bonus, having a scratching post will save your house furniture from being shredded.

  • Puzzle feeders: Even indoor cats inherently have the motivation and skill to seek and hunt, and the pursuit of food is instinctive. Add a puzzle feeder to encourage your cat to think and stay mentally stimulated. Puzzle feeders encourage the use of a cat’s hunting and foraging skills. They also offer a healthier option to free-feeding and aid in weight control.

Having an enriched environment consisting of playtime, entertainment and a cozy warm cat bed is essential in keeping your feline friend happy.

Let Us Help

Indoor cats need owners who provide them with a healthy, happy and interactive lifestyle. Please contact us for further information… we would love to help!

Jennifer Morrow