Be Rewarded for Being a Good Pet Parent

At Bees Ferry Veterinary, we are pleased to announce our new and improved Wellness Rewards program to our pet loving family of clients! We know that you want to be a good pet parent, but we also understand how easy it is to fall behind on our recommendations, even with the best of intentions. Thanks to technology, we are able to help you stay on track and be rewarded in the process!

Meet Petlocity™

Petlocity™ is a FREE app that is easily downloaded on your phone. It will help you follow your pet’s custom care plan by enabling you to:

  • Track and share your pet’s vaccine records

  • Request and change your vet appointments

  • Request refills

  • Access emergency contact information

How the Rewards Work

Not only can you easily track the health needs of your pet through our new Petlocity app, but BFVH will reward you for following our plan as part of our Wellness Rewards program. You will earn one reward point per dollar spent plus bonus points when completing a compliance section. Reward points allow you to receive discounts towards services, as well as complimentary nail trims! For example…

  • 600 points: complimentary nail trim, $15 off a future service

  • 1,000 points: complimentary nail trim, $25 off a future service

  • 1,500 points: complimentary nail trim, $50 off a future service

Get Started

Bees Ferry is happy to offer the Petlocity app to our family of loving pet parents!  We want to make your life easier when traveling with your pet, going to the groomer, boarding facilities and daily pet owning life! You can read more about Petlocity on our Wellness Rewards page. Ready to get started? It’s easy…

  1. Download from the App Store on your smart phone

  2. Search for Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital by entering the zip code (29414)

  3. Register and create an account with your email address. Make sure to use the same email address that our office has on file for your family.

  4. You’ll receive a verification code in your email.

  5. Log in and enjoy!

If you have trouble with any of these steps, please ask someone at our front desk for assistance on your next visit or contact us today. A BFVH staff member would be happy to help!

Jennifer Morrow